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We can handle any of your foreign or domestic repairs with a full line of State-of-the-Art diagnostic equipment necessary for a precise examination of your car.

Autospace Corp. takes quality and customer service seriously. We follow a strict code of ethics so customers will know up front what to expect. As part of this code, we pledge to:

  • Perform high-quality diagnostic and repair services at a fair price.
  • Employ certified technicians in all areas of work performed.
  • Be dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • Exercise reasonable care for the customer's property while it is in the shop's possession.
  • Maintain the highest standards of the automotive service profession.

Your Questions Answered - Free Auto Repair Advice by Certified Technicians in Copiague, New York.

Auto Cooling System Tune-Up in Copiague

Copiague, NY - Although gasoline engines have improved a lot, they are still not very efficient at turning chemical energy into mechanical power. Most of the energy in the gasoline (perhaps 7­0%) is converted into heat, and it is the job of the cooling system to take care of that heat. In fact, the cooling system on a car driving down the freeway dissipates enough heat to heat two average-sized houses! The primary job of the cooling system is to keep the engine from overheating by transferring this heat to the air, but the cooling system also has several other important jobs. more…

Auto Body Repair In Copiague

Copiague, NY - Over the course of a vehicle's life the need to repair auto body panels will come up. Dents from shopping cart, rust from time and the elements and some sort of fender benders happen to all cars. Learning how to work on your own auto body panels and do your own side car repair can be a huge money saver. In general the body panels are what make up the vehicle. The hood, fender, doors and quarter panel are some of the main body panels. They also act as safety measures. So an in-shape body panel is important. more…

Auto Engine Transmission Rebuild in Copiague

Copiague, NY - Troubleshooting your engine - that's a large arena. After all, most of your car is engine. Or at least the part that you need. Your car's engine is made up of many systems that all have to work together in order to make your car run the way it should. The best way to troubleshoot your engine is to observe the problem and the symptoms, then trace those symptoms to the most likely repairs. We can help you do just that. Observation is the key to engine troubleshooting. You know your car better than anyone. This means that if it's making a sound or a smell that's not normal you will most likely notice something's awry. Many times a strange smell or sound is no big deal, but when you know that something is wrong these clues can be the key to proper troubleshooting. more…


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